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What do I need to apply for a Credit Card?

What do I need to apply for a Credit Card?

Did you know you can apply for a Credit Card with Greater Bank online?

Existing customers are able to apply through Online Banking.

New customers can apply online with our handy website form.

New customers applying for a Credit Card with Greater Bank will need the following information handy:

  • Your current and previous employer details including name, address and contact number
  • If you are self employed, we will need your Notice of Assessments from the ATO for the previous two years
  • What you earn along with two current payslips
  • Any current loan and other repayments, any credit and store card limits and the value of your assets
  • A copy of your current photo identification. This can be your driver licence, passport, photo card, birth card or national identity card (Any additional cardholders will also need to provide photo identification)
  • If you require a balance transfer we will need your latest credit card statement so we can arrange a transfer as soon as your card is activated.