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What you need to know about your PIN

What you need to know about your PIN

With either Greater Bank Debit or Credit Visa Card you will receive a PIN within a few days of you receiving your card.

Your PIN is sent separately for your security. The PIN you receive will be unique but it can be reset to something more meaningful to you, at one of our ATM’s by selecting the PIN Change option.

You must know your current PIN to be able to change it. You should ensure that only you know your PIN and be mindful when choosing a new PIN. I.e. avoid a PIN that contains repeating digits such as 9999, or digits in a sequence such as 1234 or numbers that represent information others may know about you such as a birthday, year of birth or address.
If you don't remember your PIN, you are able to order one via our Contact Centre (on 1300 651 400) or by contacting your local branch. The PIN will be mailed to you within 7 days.

If you have received a replacement card due to your previous card being damaged or expiring, you can continue to use your existing PIN number.
If you have ordered a new card due to your previous card being lost or stolen, you will require a new PIN number.