Verified by Visa

Love to shop online? You’re not alone. Australians have taken to using their Visa cards online like ducks to water. The ease, the convenience, the security – it’s a bit of a no-brainer, really.

But what if there was a way to add an extra layer of protection and security to making online purchases? That’s where Verified by Visa comes in.


Verified by Visa

Just as a PIN protects your money offline, Verified by VISA protects it online Add that extra layer of protection to online shopping Get Started

Great If:

You love to shop online

You’re concerned by the safety of using your card over the internet

You want to enjoy the security offered by VISA’s global network

Key Features

Lets you safely make online purchases

Offers the convenience of not having to enter your Credit details for every transaction

Lets you select the password of your choice so you're sure how your card is being used

Provides an extra layer of protection and the surety of VISA's global network

Apply for Verified by Visa It’s just that simple! Get Started

I want to

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Register for Verified by Visa

You have two options when it comes to registering for Verified by Visa

  • 1

    Register Now

    Access The Greater's Verified by Visa portal and fill in your details

  • 2

    Register Later

    If you're not already registered for the service, you will be prompted to register at participating online retailers when you are in the process of making your online purchase.

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How to register now for Verified by Visa

  • Access the Greater’s Verified by VISA portal here
  • Select “Register” and enter your card number and the required details
  • Create your Verified by VISA Username and Password. Memorise your password as you will be asked for this when making purchases with a participating Verified by VISA retailer. 
  • Enrolment complete! You will see a confirmation page. Your Greater Visa Card is now enrolled for Verified by Visa!
Access The Greater's Verified by Visa Portal

How does Verified by VISA work?

When you enrol for Verified by Visa, you will be prompted to create your Verified by Visa password and Verified by Visa personal message.

When you make a purchase with a participating online retailer, your personal message will appear in the Verified by Visa password screen during checkout, giving you the confidence that you're shopping with a participating Verified by Visa online retailer.

You are then required to enter your password, which is verified by The Greater before being processed.

How to register later for Verified by Visa

If you are not already registered for the service, you will be prompted to register at participating online retailers when you are in the process of making your online purchase.

You can only continue your purchase without registering three times. After that you must register.

Lost or Stolen Card?

If your Greater Visa Card is ever lost, stolen or damaged, it’s best to get in touch with us as soon as you can.

You can reach us during office hours and on Saturday mornings on 1300 651 400, after hours on 1300 731 144, or by visiting VISA GLOBAL ASSIST.

Why The Greater?

We don’t have shareholders – we have customers. And our customers are our number one priority – so much so that we design all our products and services with the objective of making banking simple. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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