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Terry learnt to drive in a Jeep, and he still gets a kick out of getting behind the wheel. As the original 4WD, they can go anywhere, anytime. So it’s fitting that Diane and Terry bought their Jeep using the Greater Bank App – it lets them access their finances and transfer funds anywhere, anytime too.

OSKO by BPAY makes it easy!

When Diane and Terry were buying their Jeep, they didn’t have time to wait days for their funds to clear. They were about to go on a cruise, so they needed to transfer the funds pronto.

The price was over the daily transaction limit, but they were able to get approval over the phone, transfer the funds through OSKO on the Greater Bank App, and get two-step verification on their mobile as well.

It all happened seamlessly, which meant Terry could pick up the Jeep well before they set sail.



Diane used the New Payments Platform (NPP) OSKO by BPAY to transfer the money for the Jeep securely and easily in real-time. And it was all done through the Greater Bank App on her phone.

  • Easy, secure set up with PayID
  • Real-time money transfers to all participating banks 24/7
  • Make payments without BSBs or account numbers
Bonus Saver Account

Bonus Saver Account

With their Bonus Saver account, Diane and Terry can save up for their next off-road adventure by earning higher interest each month they make at least one deposit and no withdrawals.

  • Earn high interest, calculated daily and paid monthly
  • No monthly account keeping or transaction fees
  • FREE Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking.
Retirement Plus Account

Retirement Plus Account

One of the perks of being over 55 is being able to set up a Retirement Plus Account. Diane and Terry use this great value, flexible account to easily manage their money every day.

  • High interest paid monthly
  • Free Internet & Mobile Banking with real-time payments via OSKO by BPAY
  • Visa Debit Card with PayWave