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Here's how our hours are changing

As well as some of our hours changing over the June Long Weekend, we're also returning to our regular hours of operation across our branch network from Tuesday, June 9th onwards. We'll be continuing to ask you to adhere to social distancing procedures, and limiting the number of customers within our branches. We've put all the info you'll need in one place.

Supporting HMRI’s medical research to improve lives

 The Greater Charitable Foundation’s support has enabled HMRI to open the clinical trial internationally to over 400 participants. The results from this will directly benefit the recovery of stroke survivors.

Making life-changing recoveries possible

Fiona’s post-stroke fatigue made even simple tasks like cooking impossible.

Greater Charitable Foundation’s long term support funded HMRI’s ‘Modafinil therapy’ trial, which has dramatically improved her quality of life.

HMRI Research Impact

This trial, the first of its kind, has demonstrated that post-stroke fatigue is significantly reduced after 6 weeks of modafinil therapy. 

Patients also reported a significant improvement in their quality of life through improvements in their energy, mobility and thinking. Reduced fatigue also resulted in one-quarter of our study participants seeking to return to work.