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Ebony stuck to the plan and her savings grew.

When you’re a teenager, it’s not always easy to stick to a rigid plan. For Ebony, her goal of buying her first car in cash seemed a million miles away. That is, until she discovered Greater Bank’s Life Saver Account. The automated transfers and rewards for consistent saving helped Ebony stay the course.

Saving gave Ebony a great sense of achievement.

Once Ebony was all set up with her Access and Life Saver Accounts, the real work began – filling them!

Every payday Ebony moved closer to her goal of buying a car.

At Greater Bank we understand a little encouragement can go a long way.

Access Account

Access Account

Ebony’s pay goes into this versatile and simple account that gives her great value banking.

She has a simple and effective plan, she keeps one third for herself and two-thirds go to her Life Saver Account.

  • No monthly account-keeping fees
  • SMS and Email Alerts to keep track of your money
Life Saver

Life Saver

This is the magic little account that Ebony uses to watch her savings grow.

She regularly receives the higher interest each month to boost her savings and everyone loves an account with no account keeping fees!

  • Ensure your balance grows each month to earn high interest
  • No monthly account keeping or transaction fees (keep your hard earned dollars)
  • FREE Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking
Mobile App

Mobile App

Ebony keeps control of her finances easily with the Greater Bank App.

From scheduled payments to transferring funds between accounts with a few taps.

  • Set up an SMS & Email Alert to manage your money
  • Schedule payments with ease
  • Quick view of selected balances pre-login

Open our award-winning Life Saver Account today!

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