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Kate did her research and got a great loan.

As a Personal Trainer, Kate wants her clients to get the best out of life. At Greater Bank, we want the same for our customers. So, after narrowly avoiding an over-priced car, Kate was set on getting the best deal. With no early payout fees and a great interest rate, Kate’s Greater Bank personal loan means repayments are cruisey as!

Kate knows she’s saving money. And it feels good.

Kate needed a loan. After considering the products on the market, she made the informed decision to meet with Greater Bank. One visit and Kate was sold!

At her local branch, everything was explained easily and openly. She got set up with one of our secured personal loans and, armed with the best in industry knowledge, set off in search of her dream car.

The right car came along, and thanks to her great personal loan, Kate was in the best possible position to buy. And buy, she did!

Personal Loan

Personal Loan

At the heart of Kate’s purchase is the Personal Loan for her car.

She works hard to get ahead and the features of the package offer great value for money.

  • Competitive interest rate, with no monthly fees
  • Flexible repayment options, and quick approvals process
  • Additional repayments accepted, with no penalty for early loan repayment
Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Kate didn’t realise the difference Greater Bank could help make thanks to their relationship with Allianz Insurance.

After a quick chat, Greater Bank did the paperwork and she was saving on her car insurance.

  • Greater Bank does all the paperwork
  • Quality and high value insurance
  • One of Australia’s largest general insurers
Mobile App

Mobile App

Kate keeps control of her finances easily with the Greater Bank App. From scheduled payments to transferring funds between accounts with a few taps.

  • Set up an SMS & Email Alert to monitor her savings growth
  • Schedule payments with ease
  • Quick view of selected balances pre-login
Exceptional Service

Exceptional Service

Thanks to Greater Bank’s service, Kate saved herself from buying an overvalued car and being stuck paying off a loan worth too much.

We’re only a phone call away and always ready to help where we can.