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Learning together, saving together

Learning things at pre-school is always fun. Learning about money should be no different. The kids at Hamilton Community Pre-school love their weekly banking at Greater Bank. The program helps them learn valuable life-skills about money, the importance of saving and setting goals – and, of course, having fun!

Singing all the way to the Bank

The banking program has been a big hit with the kids. They’ve even made up their own ‘Banking Buddies’ song to sing on their weekly expedition.

Our staff really get a kick out of it too, because supporting the community is part and parcel of what we're all about – helping kids develop important life-skills, watching them save towards their goals, and seeing the smiles on their faces when they say ‘We did it!’

Here’s how to learn money skills

The Life Saver Account teaches the Hamilton Community Pre-schoolers good savings habits, by having fun and rewarding them with a higher interest rate when they deposit more than they withdraw each month.

  • Ensure your balance grows each month to earn high interest
  • No monthly account keeping or transaction fees (keep your hard earned dollars)
  • FREE Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking.

Life Saver

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Life Saver

A low-cost account to help teach your children how to manage money in a smarter way.

Interest Rate
% p.a.

Calculated Daily, Paid Monthly

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