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Doing your banking this October Long Weekend

For Greater Bank customers, managing your money this October Long Weekend is a breeze. Here's all the information you'll need.

Instilling purpose and self-worth

The BackTrack Program helps kids reconnect through education and training. Not just to rejoin society, but to reconnect with themselves and find their sense of purpose.

Giving young locals every chance we can

Getting the kids hands-on doing work, they can see the results of their efforts. They start to realise their worth. As their skills develop, their confidence grows.

So far over 1,000 young people have been put through BackTrack. Giving the kids a sense of purpose is what the program is all about.

“What we’re doing, and I’m proud of, is turning these kids into people who contribute to society,” says Bernie Shakeshaft, BackTrack Founder. “When the kids have their head
held-up high, and are taking charge of their own life, I think…we’ve done it!”

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