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Investing where we live

Greater Bank happily funds local community organisations and initiatives that help make New England even greater. Keeping the locals happy, healthy and growing benefits everyone. After all, we live here, too!

#GreaterNewEngland is $150,000 greater

Greater Bank has been helping local community organisations make New England greater since September 2016 as part of the #GreaterNewEngland funding program.

We've given away $150,000 so locals can continue making a difference in each others' lives.

You can make a difference – enter today!

Fundraising can be tough for grassroots community organisations. Volunteers are already working hard to make a difference without the extra strain of raising money to keep their club afloat. #GreaterNewEngland is an easy way to provide some fundraising relief.

And there are no losers – each month the organisation with the most votes receives $3,000 and the two runner-ups get $1,000 each!

How to enter

Choose an image that shows off the great work your organisation does in the community
Tell us how you make New England Greater in 100 words or less (in the comment field)
Check out our T's and C's and leave us some details so we can get back to you
Upload all your info into the entry form below, and that's it - you're in the draw!