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Misconceptions renters have about home owners

Misconception 1.

Not true. Who do you think rented your place before you? The couple who now own the quarter-acre, that’s who dummy.

Misconception 2.

Mostly not true. Some of us got some help, but this just means we get how hard saving for a home loan deposit can be.

Misconception 3.

They bought that house – they must be rich! Yeah, right. We’re all mortgaged to our eyeballs and the upkeep and bills aren’t cheap, you know. We all need to know how to budget.

Misconception 4.

Well, we’ll give you a partial on that one, but these investors are just looking to sure-up their financial future. You can’t really blame them, right?

Misconception 5.

OK – I’d like to hear you say that covered in lawn-clippings, weeds, gutter-debris and cobwebs after a long day in the yard.

Misconception 6.

Who told you this? How did this leak? I mean… don’t be silly!

Misconception 7.

So not true. We whinge about lots of other stuff. If they’re going to raise rates again, they could at least give me another free dump-visit pass.

Misconception 8.

That’s because home owners feel like they’re more connected with their local community. Meanwhile, did you hear about them in Number 42?

Misconception 9.

You’ve got us on a technicality there. Sometimes the house comes first, sometimes baby.

Misconception 10.

Well, OK, yeah this one’s true. But look at all this space! Watch me hammer a nail into my wall – without asking anyone! HAHA!

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