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The 10 phases of saving for a Home Loan deposit

Phase 1.

I simply refuse to pay off someone else's mortgage, damnit!!

Phase 2.


Here I come Dry July, Sober September (is that even a thing??), Sober October and Sober November... At least I'll get healthy...

Phase 3.


Remember when we were young, and safe from all responsibility and commitment... mmm those were the days!

Phase 4.


Robbing a bank, money trees, some random millionaire adopts me as his long lost son… where would I meet this said mentioned random millionaire… think, think brain, think!!

Phase 5.


#buyinglotteryticketrightnow!!! *Lightbulb* and opening a Bonus Saver Account!

Phase 6.


Something positive in this unjust property market world..

Phase 7.


When the going gets tough… the tough get going (to Hawaii)

Phase 8.


Ok, I am ready to be a grown up (still secretly buying lotto tickets…shhhh)

Phase 9.


Like, finally...

Phase 10.


Wait, Stamp Duty is how much?

When you've got your deposit ready, speak to a lending expert, baby. Start a conversation with Greater Bank online today.

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