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Thoughts all first home owners have after moving in

Thought 1.

Surely they wouldn’t leave a couple of kids like us in charge of a whole house like this, right?

Thought 2.

Can I go and run the grass through my fingers like Russell Crowe in Gladiator? Do I own everything the light touches like Mufasa told Simba? Questions people!

Thought 3.

I haven’t met my neighbour yet, as she is a recluse, but her banksia is dropping debris all over my driveway. What’s the protocol here…

Thought 4.

I'm so used to renting a series of interconnected boxes. There aren’t enough hours in the day to properly appreciate the expanse of my current splendour…

Thought 5.

If I want to hang a framed movie poster for the 2004 comedy classic ‘White Girls’ I can! Taste and landlords be damned! HAHA!

Thought 6.

It seems just that easy. Maybe consult someone before trying to turn your cosy suburban shack into a classy cabin-style chalet with a Stanley-knife and a wheelbarrow. Renovations are no joke, kid. #dialbeforeyoudig

Thought 7.

YES! I finally get to go to Bunnings and puff my chest out, knowing that I’m there for something other than a doorstop or an ironing board! Home Ownership FTW!

Thought 8.

What’s this IKEA thing I hear so many people talking about? It sounds so easy, and so cheap!

Thought 9.

Savings goals are important. Yeah, once I chip away at the mortgage a bit I can get some nicer furniture in. Oh and after I pay my rates. Oh and after Christmas. And my car rego. And…..

Thought 10.

Yep, still there. Phew. Makes all the hard work, saving and getting the right home loan worth the wait.

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