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Can someone with an international driving licence drive my car?

Can someone with an international driving licence drive my car?

A driver with an overseas licence is covered on your policy so long as they abide by the laws and driving regulations of the state or territory which they will be driving in.

In Australia, laws and driving regulations differ from state to state. Some states require you to carry an International Licence with your current foreign licence. Other states request you carry your current foreign driver's licence together with a formal translation of your licence into English.

In most Australian states and territories (the exception is the Northern Territory), you are able to drive on an overseas licence as long as it is current. You can only drive vehicles which your overseas licence authorises you to drive and you must drive according to any conditions on your overseas licence.

You do not have to advise Allianz that a driver using your car is in possession of an overseas licence, however it is important to let Allianz know about anybody that you know of who will drive your car and have them listed on your policy. This will assist with avoiding any unlisted driver excesses that may apply in the event of a claim and ensure that all drivers are covered by your policy. For full details of conditions and exclusions please refer to the relevant PDS.