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I run a business from home, can I get cover?

I run a business from home, can I get cover?

You must tell Allianz as soon as reasonably possible if, during the period of insurance you start using any part of your home building for business, trade or professional purposes (except for a home office).

If you don’t provide this information as soon as reasonably possible, Allianz may refuse or reduce a claim under the policy to the extent Allianz are prejudiced by the delay or the non-disclosure.

When Allianz receive this information, Allianz may:

  • propose changes to the terms and conditions of your policy
  • propose to charge you a higher premium
  • cancel your policy if there is a change and Allianz can’t reach an agreement with you on altered terms and conditions; or Allianz are no longer prepared to insure you because there has been a material change to the risk