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Before you go

If you’re intent on travelling with just one form of payment, such as a Visa Credit Card, there are some checks you should make before you arrive at the airport.

  1. Let Greater Bank know of your travel plans. This way, we’re aware that it’s you buying a round of drinks in Thailand, not suspect activity to be concerned about.
  2. If you haven’t in a while, update your contact details with us. This will ensure we can communicate with you easily if you experience issues with your credit card.
  3. Know your PIN. Signatures are accepted in less and less places abroad, and not everywhere will offer Visa payWave yet. Contact us about your PIN if you need a gentle reminder. ;-)
  4. Make sure your card expiry date isn’t set to pass while you’ll be away.

Ease & Security

By travelling with a Greater Bank Visa Credit Card, you’re able to take advantage of a range of helpful services to make your vacation easier.

Visa payWave

For purchases under $100, simply tap and go when paying at participating merchants. Perfect for when the tour bus is leaving and you’re grabbing a last minute souvenir.

Visa Checkout

Store your card details with Visa, and make payments online quickly and securely just by entering your username and password.


You enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Greater Bank being part of the Visa Global Network, with millions of accepted locations worldwide.

Meet your commitments

If you rely on your credit card to meet your commitments, this doesn’t need to change just because you’re away from home.

Just log onto Greater Bank’s Internet Banking and set up Credit Card Regular Payments for your bills in minutes. This way, you can set and forget, and focus on making the most of your vacation.

Be safe

Register your plans

As well as checking in with Greater Bank, it’s always a great idea to register your travel plans with and stay up to date with the latest government travel warnings

Need a backup?

If just one payment option isn’t your style, Greater Bank can help with a range of handy options at foreign checkouts.

Foreign Cash

Arrive like a local and start spending anywhere by purchasing foreign cash through Greater Bank. 

Find out more about Foreign Cash

Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard

Our perfect backup – works just like a Credit Card, but you only spend your own money. Pre-load with cash before you leave and lock in the exchange rate you want.

Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard