Great If:

You want to transfer money directly into to an overseas bank account.

You want to send money to an overseas beneficiary and don’t have bank account details.

You want a quick and easiest way to send money abroad.

Key Features:

Foreign Draft - A way of sending funds securely and conveniently overseas without knowing the receiver's bank account details
Telegraphic Transfer - electronically transferring funds directly into a receiver's overseas bank account
Arrange International Payments It’s just that simple! Arrange in branch

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Send Money Overseas

Organising a Telegraphic Transfer or Foreign Draft is a snap. Simply gather your required details, and get in touch with us via your method of choice.

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    Drop into your nearest branch

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    Give us a call

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Sending Money Overseas

Outgoing Telegraphic Transfers

A telegraphic transfer is a secure, convenient electronic method of depositing funds directly into an overseas bank account. We can send telegraphic transfers to most countries in the world in over 130 different currencies.

Bank Drafts

Foreign currency bank drafts enable you to send money overseas quickly and securely when you don’t have your beneficiary’s banking details. Bank drafts are available in over 16 currencies.

Telegraphic Transfers

Ever heard someone say they are going to "wire" some money? What they actually mean is they are going to send a Telegraphic Transfer (TT). A TT is the electronic transfer of funds directly into a beneficiary’s overseas bank account.

Sending a TT is usually the quickest and easiest way to send money abroad. Money sent using a TT will normally take 1 to 2 business days** to reach the recipient’s account, and is usually more cost effective as well. Because the money is sent electronically, the transfer is also more secure.

**To countries with developed banking systems such as the USA, United Kingdom and New Zealand. 

What you need to know for a TT

How to send a Telegraphic Transfer

In order to send a TT, you will need to provide the following details of the intended beneficiary to Greater Bank:

- Bank name

- Bank address

- Account number

- SWIFT code or routing number

- An IBAN* (International Bank Account Number)

- Beneficiary's name and full street address

* only required if funds are being sent to a European country, including the UK.

What you need to know for a Telegraphic Transfer

When you send money using a TT, the funds will be transferred via a network of international banks, meaning that the exact time it takes for the funds to be credited to the recipient’s account cannot be guaranteed.

Because a TT is sent via correspondent banks, a small handling charge is sometimes levied on your payment. These fees are charged by the correspondent bank and not by Greater Bank.

You can also have a TT sent to your Greater Bank account. All you need to do is provide your details to the overseas party who will be sending you money. They can organise the TT with their bank and your money will be on its way.

The details you will need to provide your overseas sender in order to organise a TT into your Greater Bank account are:

- Greater Bank BSB: 637-000

- Your account number

- Your account name

- Greater Bank's street address: 103 Tudor St Hamilton, NSW, 2303

- Greater Bank’s SWIFT code: ASLLAU2CGBS

To view our Telegraphic Transfer Product Disclosure Statement - click here.