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You want to transfer money directly into to an overseas bank account.

You want to send money to an overseas beneficiary and don’t have bank account details.

You want a quick and easiest way to send money abroad.

Arrange International Payments It’s just that simple! Arrange in branch

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Send Money Overseas

Organising a Telegraphic Transfer or Foreign Draft is a snap. Simply gather your required details, and get in touch with us via your method of choice.

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    Drop into your nearest branch

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    Give us a call

    1300 651 400

Sending money overseas

An outgoing Telegraphic Transfer (TT) allows you to electronically send funds directly to the beneficiary’s account. The funds can be sent in over 100 foreign currencies with agreement between the sender and the beneficiary.

Telegraphic transfers can take between 2-5 working days to be received by the beneficiary, however may take longer depending on the country where the funds are being sent.

To arrange an outgoing International Payment, you can attend a branch or ring our Contact Centre on 1300 651 400 during business hours for further information.

Fees apply to all Outgoing International Payments. Refer to our Banking Terms and Conditions for full details.

Many financial institutions overseas impose a processing fee when handling Telegraphic Transfers. These fees are set by the processing institution and vary between institutions and countries. As a result, the amount of the payment actually received by the beneficiary may not necessarily be the same as that requested by the customer.

Sending and receiving money

How to send a Telegraphic Transfer

In order to send a Telegraphic Transfer, you'll need to provide the following details of the intended beneficiary to us:

  • - Bank Name:
  • - Bank Address:
  • - Account Number:
  • - SWIFT code or routing number
  • - IBAN** (International Bank Account Number)
  • - Beneficiary’s name and residential address
** only required if funds are being sent to an European country, including the UK.

Receiving money from overseas

An incoming overseas payment allows our customers to receive foreign currency into their account after the funds have been converted into Australian dollars ($AUD). You'll need to provide the following information to the remitter of the funds.

  • - Greater Bank SWIFT code – ASLLAU2CGBS
  • - Greater Bank BSB – 637-000
  • - Greater Bank address – 103 Tudor Street, Hamilton, NSW 2303
  • - Beneficiary Account number
  • - Beneficiary Account Name & address
International Payments are arranged through American Express International, Inc. (ABN 15 000 618 208 AFSL No. 237996). Incorporated with limited liability in Delaware USA. ® Registered Trademark of American Express Company. View our Financial Services Guide