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What do I need to apply for a personal loan?

What do I need to apply for a personal loan?

Greater Bank will require some personal information before being able to process your Loan Application.

Proof of identity (ID)

We will need to take a copy of your ID as part of your application. You can provide:

  •  Driver Licence, or
  • Passport/International Travel Document, or
  • Photo Card (includes photo and signature)
Proof of income

We will need to take copies of:

  • your two most recent consecutive payslips (no more than four [4] weeks old) or
  • a current signed letter from your employer on their letterhead, stating your gross annual income, role or position, length of employment and employment status.

We also need to see:

wage deposits into a transaction account over three (3) months.

If you're self-employed Personal tax returns and, where relevant, business tax returns as well as financial statements, Australian Tax Office (ATO) Notice of Assessments for the last two consecutive years.
If you're eligible for a Family Tax Benefit

A letter from Centrelink, issued within the last six (6) months showing:

  • the type of benefit received
  • the information used by Centrelink to calculate the payment
    We also need to see:
  • a transaction account statement showing your two (2) most recent payments.
If you receive child support

A Letter of Assessment form from the Child Support Agency within the last six (6) months, plus

  • account statements showing three (3) months of payments.
If you receive rental income
  • A current letter or statement from the Managing Real Estate Agent or
  • Transaction account statements showing the three (3) most recent months of rental credits
Status of other current (non-Greater Bank) loans

We’ll need documents confirming that any loans you currently have are up to date. For example, a recent statement showing your name, account number, monthly repayments, credits, debits and loan balance.

For a home loan:

  •  six (6) months of consecutive statements

For a personal Loan

  • three (3) months of consecutive statements

For credit/store cards and interest-free loans:

  • your most recent statement
Details of rent you pay

If you’re a home renter, we need copies of:

  • rent receipts or a rental statement issued by a Real Estate Agent
  • three (3) most recent months payments shown in a Greater Bank transaction account
Details about the new boat, caravan or motorcycle, or new or used car

Private purchase (car only):

  •  current registration papers
    If your loan is for more than $60,000.00 you may need a vehicle inspection certificate

Dealer purchases:

  • Dealer's invoice

If you've already purchased the asset and are refinancing:

  • current registration papers
  • comprehensive insurance policy