SMS and Email Alerts

The Greater’s SMS and Email Alerts help you keep track of your money by automatically notifying you about activity on your accounts.


SMS and Email Alerts

Our helpful alerts let you keep track of your finances and are available on a range of accounts. Stay on top of your money around the clock Set up Alerts

Key Features

Balance Alert  

Get the balance on your account either daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly at 8:00am on your chosen day.*

High Balance Alert

When your account reaches a pre-determined amount.*

Low Balance Alert

When your account has fallen to a pre-determined limit.*

Direct Debit SMS Alert

This alert will notify you when you have insufficient funds to honour an upcoming Direct Debit

Deposit Alert

When a deposit is made into your account.*

Withdrawal Alert

When a withdrawal is made from your account.*

Cheque Dishonour Warning

You will be notified when funds are required in your account by 2:00pm in order for a cheque to be honoured. This alert is only sent via SMS.#

Direct Credit Alert

Keep track of when your salary or any other regular payment by direct credit goes into your account.*

EasyPay Transfer Alert

You will be notified when funds are required in your account by 4:00pm in order for a nominated EasyPay transfer to be made. You will receive a follow-up notification should the transfer still not be made.**

Apply for SMS and Email Alerts It’s just that simple! Set up Alerts

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Set up a budget

We’re all aware of budgeting, but often we view it from a negative perspective. The reality is anyone can achieve their goals with the right budgeting tools.


Get the right account

As we grow, we need different accounts for each stage of our life to suit our changing needs. You wouldn't wear one set of shoes your whole life, would you? 


Teach my kids to save

The fact is that saving and managing our finances is something that all of us will have to do. We’ve put together a basic plan so that you can plant the seeds of knowledge early.


Register for Internet Banking

So, you’re not registered for Internet Banking but you want to have Greater access to your financial records and have a positive impact on the environment? We can’t blame you!

Don’t panic – registering for Internet Banking is a quick and easy process for any Greater customer. 

We can have you set up in just minutes so you can enjoy all the great features our Internet Banking service has to offer. Just another way we’re Making Life Greater.

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About our Alerts

Email alerts are free to all customers on all accounts and easy to set up within Internet Banking. No matter what device you're using, simply log on and set up the rule you want on your desired account.

If your account is a transaction-fee-free account SMS alerts are free except for Cheque Dishonour Alerts, Easypay Notifications and Direct Debit SMS Alerts.

If your account is subject to transaction fees, SMS alerts (including Direct Debit SMS) are $0.20 per alert.

*If no pre-determined limit is set, alerts will be received on all transactions made on the selected account. Transactions that occur after 11:00pm and before 06:00am will be sent at 08:00am the next day. # If you don't deposit funds to cover the presenting cheque/s, we will apply a dishonour fee to your account in place of the corresponding notification fee. Our schedule of fees and charges are set out in our Terms and Conditions Part 2. To the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for alerts sent by us to the contact numbers provided that you do not receive. ^ Some restrictions apply to Loan Accounts. For full details view our Terms and Conditions ** To the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for alerts sent by us to the contact numbers provided that you do not receive.