Great If:

You want to keep banking simple with one account.

You want to manage your money every day.

You want to earn higher interest on your balance.

Key Features

Earn a higher interest rate the higher your savings balance

Interest calculated on whole balance daily and paid quarterly

Make additional deposits and withdrawals at any time

No monthly account-keeping fees

Free Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking

SMS and Email Alerts to help you keep track of your money

Apply for Cash Management Account It’s just that simple! Find us

I want to

  • Bank smarter and avoid fees

    Bank fees are right up there with stubbed toes and frostbite as most people’s least favourite things. Luckily, you can minimise their effect and keep more money in your pocket.

  • Set up a budget

    We’re all aware of budgeting, but often we view it from a negative perspective. The reality is anyone can achieve their goals with the right budgeting tools.

Budget Calculator

Get a better idea of your monthly incomings and outgoings, and what you're left to play with

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Savings Goal Calculator

Project how much you can accumulate over time from an initial contribution and regular ongoing deposits

Let's Begin

Income Tax Calculator

Knowing how much you actually have to play with can make budgeting a breeze!

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Open a Cash Management Account

Looking to open a Cash Management Account with Greater Bank? It's simple and can be done via your method of choice.

Interest Rates

Rates are effective as at Sunday 21/01/2018

Cash Management Account* Interest Rate
$1 - $19,999.99 -
$20,000 - $199,999.99 .10 % p.a
$200,000 - $499,999 .75 % p.a
$500,000 + 1.00 % p.a

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