Labour Day Public Holiday (QLD)

Our Robina and Helensvale branches will be closed Monday May 1 for Labour Day, but our contact centre is open as normal. Don't forget, you can take care of your banking around the clock using Online Banking and our Mobile App, or at your nearest ATM. Our QLD branches will re-open Tuesday May 2 at 9am.

Great If:

You want to put money aside for Christmas.

You want to earn interest on your savings.

You want a statement-only account to remove temptation.

Key Features

Competitive interest rate on your savings

Interest calculated daily, paid 31 Oct and 31 Dec each year

No account-keeping fees

No transaction fees

Free Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking

Statement-only account with online statements available

Apply for Christmas Club Account It’s just that simple! Find a branch to apply

I want to

  • Get the right account

    As we grow, we need different accounts for each stage of our life to suit our changing needs. You wouldn't wear one set of shoes your whole life, would you? 

  • Teach my kids to save

    The fact is that saving and managing our finances is something that all of us will have to do. We’ve put together a basic plan so that you can plant the seeds of knowledge early.

Budget Calculator

Get a better idea of your monthly incomings and outgoings, and what you're left to play with

Get Started

Savings Goal Calculator

Project how much you can accumulate over time from an initial contribution and regular ongoing deposits

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Investment Interest Calculator

Project how much you can accumulate over a fixed term and interest rate

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Open a Christmas Club Account

Looking to open a Christmas Club Account with Greater Bank? It's simple and can be done via your method of choice.

Interest Rates

Rates are effective as at Monday 1/05/2017

Christmas Club Account* Interest Rate
Christmas Club Account   .50 % p.a.

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Why Greater Bank?

We're a customer owned bank, which means we have no shareholders - we exist to serve you. Our profits are reinvested into our business in order to provide better value products and services, and we foster the communities in which we operate.