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How much do you need to live comfortably in retirement?

When we think about retirement, more often than not we picture ourselves living a comfortable, enjoyable lifestyle. But are you on track to actually realise this? Guest blogger Darryn Thode from ...

Are you ready for retirement?

How many of us actually sit down to really think about how we will live life in retirement and how we will afford it?

Make plans for the retirement you want

When we think about life after work, we always picture ourselves leading a life of leisure. While this is definitely a possible view of our future, it never happens by accident. Unfortunately, the ...

Busting retirement myths

With so many young Aussies struggling just to enter the property market, the prospect of retirement planning can seem a bridge too far. As our Hamilton Branch Manager Josh Leard points out, it’s ...

Business finance: Retirement planning

In his weekly business banking post, our CFO Greg Taylor shares the results of a global survey which shows Australians aren't good at planning for retirement. Help is at hand though. Do you know how ...

How to prepare financially for life’s big milestones

If you’ve ever woken up in a cold sweat asking yourself questions like “how much do I need to retire”, “How do I get out of debt”, or “ How will I pay for my wedding” you’ll know planning for life’s ...

Taking control of your financial future is just good cents.

No matter what stage of life you're in, chances are you could do with a little more advice when it comes to planning your finances. Our Partnership Manager Steve Goverd explains why seeking help is ...

Are you ready for retirement?

You may have just rung in the new year with the knowledge that this time next year you’ll be living the good life, or maybe you’re simply considering the prospect of retirement within the next 5, 10, ...

Help your kids with property without risking your retirement

Want to help your children with property? Make sure you don’t risk your retirement security in the process. Learn about the risks and protections for both parties