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Life-changing University scholarships opening doors for students in need

Applications are now open for the Greater Charitable Foundation Equity Scholarship program, which is clearing the path to higher education for students wishing to study at the University of Newcastle.
The new Greater Charitable Foundation Equity Scholarship program will award a total of five scholars up to $30,000 each over a maximum of three years as part of the Foundation’s $150,000 partnership with the University of Newcastle, announced in June.

Greater Charitable Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Anne Long, said the scholarships will support students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds by connecting them with educational experiences that might otherwise be out of reach.  

“Each of the five scholarships is valued up to $30,000 and will provide both relief for students, as well as skills that can be carried throughout life”

Anne Long

“While people associate Greater Charitable Foundation with finance, we want students to know that these scholarships are not just for Commerce or Finance students. Whether you’re aiming to study Arts, Civil Engineering, Coastal and Marine Science – there is a long list of eligible undergraduate programs.

“These scholarships are less about the discipline students are studying, and more about the student themselves, ensuring they not only survive but thrive, by focussing on their studies, as well as enjoying the full fruits of the university experience.

“Our hope is that these scholarships will not only relieve some of the immediate financial burden, allowing students to get a foot in the door, but will help them to build the skills and experience needed to keep the doors of opportunity opening throughout their lives.”

University of Newcastle student Grace Walker understands how beneficial an academic scholarship can be to progressing studies and alleviating financial stress, after being awarded the University’s Shaping Futures scholarship in 2023, which is a separate but similar program to assist undergraduates to support studies alongside educational disadvantages.

Ms Walker said her scholarship allowed her to dedicate more time to her education without worrying about making ends meet and encouraged any eligible students to apply for the first round of the Greater Charitable Foundation Equity Scholarship.

“I vividly remember the moment that I found out that I was a scholarship recipient. I was actually on placement with an often-wandering mind to how on earth I was going to be able to pay for the huge out of school hours and day-care fees I was accruing. I immediately started crying with relief, and felt a huge weight lifted,” Ms Walker said.

“This scholarship has allowed me to continue study and complete my placement hours without the stress of where I would find money to pay for bills, care and food.

“It has meant my children continue to witness me working hard to build a beautiful life for them and it has allowed me to see that, despite hardship, I am capable and the effort I put into my studies doesn't go unnoticed.”

University of Newcastle Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic Professor Mark Hoffman said scholarships play an important role in ensuring University has a place for everyone.

“Investing in education through equity scholarships is an investment in the creation of a brighter future,” Professor Hoffman said.

“By extending a helping hand to students grappling with financial adversity, including those hailing from rural, regional and remote corners, we cultivate not only knowledge but resilience, diversity and the unwavering spirit of progress.

“The University of Newcastle is honoured to be partnering with the Greater Charitable Foundation as we make a lasting impact in our region and beyond.”

Applications for the Greater Charitable Foundation Equity Scholarship will close on February 24, 2024. For more information about the scholarships, eligibility criteria and how to apply, please visit: Greater Charitable Foundation Equity Scholarship.

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