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The Centre for Women’s Economic Safety (CWES) is the only national charity with a sole focus on economic abuse and created its Money Clinics to provide women with independent financial safety planning, information and support. The Clinics fill a service gap by working with women experiencing or recovering from domestic violence to help with financial concerns,


Despite its prevalence, few organisations are adequately equipped to respond to economic abuse. Given the compounding effects of unaddresed financial problems, the Money Clinics aims to provide an earlier intervention than has traditionally existed by enabling women to secure or restore their financial safety.


Money Clinics are delivered one-on-one by a qualified female financial counsellor who is violence and trauma-informed. Clinics will operate out of several locations across Illawara including the Women’s Trauma Recovery Centre when doors open in early 2024 and funding will be used to support a full time counsellor in the region.

A client’s testimonial

“It’s given me the gift of feeling truly supported long-term. The journey is up and down constantly so to have someone on my team to face the financial decisions with and receive expert advice is a great gift.”

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