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Our Funding Focus & Approach

The Foundation’s key focus is on enhancing the financial wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.

We aim to do this by seeking to partner with organisations that are addressing the barriers to financial wellbeing through education, employment and/or health-based initiatives.

Why? According to the 2018 National Financial Capability Strategy, more than one in three Australians find dealing with money stressful and overwhelming. The Australian Government has also reported that a third of Australian households have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes it timely for us to provide individuals, families and communities with the support, skills and knowledge to strengthen their overall financial wellbeing.

The Greater Charitable Foundation funding round process has altered to support feedback received from charitable organisations and to align with equitable best practice identified within the sector as a whole. There will no longer be an ‘open’ funding round for applications. Charitable organisations will instead be invited throughout the calendar year to submit an application based on their capabilities, needs and alignment with the Foundation’s vision and mission.

Eligibility & Partner Commitments

All charitable organisations approached by the Greater Charitable Foundation to apply for funding must read through the Eligibility and  Partner Commitments documents. 

The Greater Charitable Foundation can only fund Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR) where the “Provision for gift deductibility” is “item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997”. 

Steps to apply

Step 1

The Greater Charitable Foundation will approach charitable organisations which they believe align with the Foundation’s vision and mission, and who are working to address the barriers to financial wellbeing.

Step 2

The charitable organisation will be asked to prepare a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) document, no more than two (2) A4 pages long, outlining their proposed program.

Step 3

If the LOI is aligned with the Foundation’s key objectives, the charitable organisation will be asked to submit a more detailed second stage proposal document and potentially be invited to present to the Foundation Board.

Step 4

Successful organisations will be invited to partner with the Greater Charitable Foundation for a period of up to three (3) years.


  • Activities viewed as the responsibility of government;
  • Programs with a religious, political or lobbying focus;
  • Organisations which have not acquitted previous projects funded through the Foundation;
  • Requests for sponsorship (view the Greater Bank Sponsorship Guidelines);
  • Grants to individuals, including students;
  • Grants to community sporting clubs;
  • Capital grants for the construction or refurbishment of buildings; renovations, fit-outs etc;
  • Conferences or seminars;
  • Programs based outside of NSW and the Gold Coast;
  • For-profit programs or activities; however social enterprise can be considered under the Foundation's charter;
  • Travel, study or conferences;
  • Personal living, education, medical or travel expenses;
  • Funding to other foundations, trusts or philanthropic organisations;
  • Proposals which are identical to a previously submitted, unsuccessful application;
  • Commercial film making;
  • Fundraising events or activities;
  • Overseas appeals;
  • Office Equipment;
  • Equipment for personal use;
  • The purchase and maintenance of motor vehicles;
  • General operating expenses and office overheads, including rent;
  • Activities which collect funds for subsequent redistribution to other charities or individuals;
  • Retrospective costs;
  • Purchase of land or buildings;
  • Expeditions or overseas travel;
  • Endowments, memorials or named academic chairs;
  • Camps - residential, therapeutic, respite etc.;
  • Programs in a school setting (note – funding would only be considered for programs based in a school setting where there are established relationships/partnerships and a track record of success)
  • Auspicing* is not permitted – the organisation applying must be the one that will run the program or project and Applications for public charitable purposes outside the Commonwealth of Australia

* Auspicing refers to the practice of an ineligible organisation (one that does not have DGR and TCC status) applying to the Foundation via an eligible organisation. Auspicing arrangements are excluded under the Foundation's guidelines. The organisation applying to the Foundation must be the organisation that will run the project or program for which a grant is being sought.

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