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PCYC operates in partnership with NSW Police force to provide programs across NSW that address unique needs of individual communities through a collaborative approach with local schools, business and industry leaders. The Fit for Work program was established In 2018 as apart of the Rise Up Strategy in Partnership with NSW Police Force to empower young people who are disengaged from education to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and purpose whilst introducing skills to transition into employment opportunities.


The delivery of Fit for Work primarily occurs in locations characterised by disadvantage, school disengagement and high youth unemployment. With help from the Greater Foundation, PCYC will prioritise four Fit for Work programs across the Hunter and Illawarra to address the higher rates of disengaged youth in these regions.


Driven by an experienced team, the program is designed to foster holistic development among disengaged youth towards their education or career pathway through a multifaceted approach encompassing accredited course work skill-building, career planning, community engagement, and health promotion, participants are equipped with the tools and resources needed to thrive both personally and professionally. Approximately 55 approved participants across four programs, will complete the syllabus over 10 weeks to re-engage and gain confidence in their abilities to achieve.

Fit for Work Participant

“When I came into the program I had no idea what I wanted to do. During the course we did many activities where we all learnt something and got to put our skills to use. Now four months after completing the Fit for Work Program, I am still in the apprenticeship I gained during the course. This isn’t just a course, it is a way to help kids in need like me to figure out and help us achieve what we want to do in life.”

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