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Our funding is enabling Zahra Foundation to bring their Pathways to Empowerment Program from Adelaide, South Australia to Newcastle, New South Wales. The program will be offered free of charge to women across the Hunter Region, equipping them with the tools, knowledge and confidence to achieve financial independence, set and act towards life goals, find pathways to education, training and employment and to break the cycle of abuse.


The team will work with women and non-binary people who have left abusive relationships in order to rebuild their lives and create financial independence so that they and their children don’t need to choose between safety and poverty or homelessness. More than 9,000 women and children face homelessness each year after leaving a violent partner. The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research recorded an increase of 9.3% in the number of reported domestic violence-related assaults across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie in 2021-2022, and Equity Economics and ACCOSS recently reported that only 40% of DFV incidents are currently being reported. Equity Economics has also reported that the lack of long- term social housing is leading to 7,690 Australian women a year returning to violent partners and 9,120 women a year becoming homeless.


Zahra Foundation will deliver the Pathways to Empowerment Program in Newcastle in partnership with long-standing women’s service “Jenny’s Place”. It is a nine-week program and will include skills-based training and support delivered by two qualified, specialist DFV trauma-informed group facilitators. The focus of the program is to assist women disconnected from the workforce or educational opportunities due to domestic violence to identify their skills, strengths, values, and interests and apply this learning to the development of a pathways/action plan to empower themselves and their family. Overall, the women will be empowered to improve their financial and psychological wellbeing.

Pathways to Empowerment Program Details & Impact

Over the three-year funding period, the program will be delivered to 24 groups, to change the lives of up to 240 women and their families. The aim of the partnership is to reduce the likelihood of women and children falling into poverty and / or homelessness after escaping a domestic and family violence situation, by improving their financial wellbeing and independence. Deakin University will be evaluating the impact of the program via a multi-phase process that will involve the collection of quantitative and qualitative data to measure a range of project success outcomes over the three-year period.

If you are interested in learning more about the Pathways to Empowerment Program in Newcastle, please reach out via:
Ph: 02 4003 7312
Mobile: 0422 233 640 

Arman Abrahimzadeh OAM, Zahra Foundation Co-founder

“There is no recovery from family and domestic violence without financial independence and economic empowerment. No woman should have to choose between the safety of themselves and their children or poverty and homelessness.”

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