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This partnership with the University of Newcastle presents an exciting opportunity to make meaningful differences to students’ lives and advance our community through the power of education. The Greater Charitable Foundation Equity Scholarship will support students facing educational disadvantage due to financial hardship, allowing them an opportunity to study at the University, focus on their education and excel in their chosen field.

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We know that those with University degrees generally have lower rates of unemployment and lower rates of underemployment across their working lives. Pleasingly, studies also show that senior students are more financially literate than first year students and that higher education has a positive effect on individuals' financial literacy levels, regardless of the discipline in which they undertake their study*. The University of Newcastle is well placed to deliver a Greater Charitable Foundation Equity Scholarships Program. The University is committed to widening participation, promoting diversity and fairness, overcoming injustice and increasing success for all. One of their top strategic priorities is to provide students the opportunity, regardless of background and experiences, to enter university and succeed in an environmentally responsible, safe and accessible environment.
* Gok, I. Y., & Ozkale, A. (2019). Testing the influence of college education on the financial literacy level of university students in turkey. The e - Journal of Business Education & Scholarship of Teaching, 13(1), 46-58.


The Greater Charitable Foundation Equity Scholarships are designed to support students of financially disadvantaged backgrounds in accessing educational experiences that might otherwise be out of reach. Scholarships will be offered yearly to students in eligible courses. The University has partnered with the University Admission Centre (UAC) to enable accurate equity assessment of students. Following the receipt of applications for the scholarship, a selection panel confers to select recipients, based upon a rigorous set of scholarship selection criteria and principles.

Impact of the Greater Charitable Foundation Equity Scholarships

The Greater Charitable Foundation Equity Scholarship program will provide much needed support for students facing financial hardship to continue their study and reach their future goals. By completing their studies, students are more likely to maintain financial wellbeing throughout their life and are better placed to meaningfully contribute to their community.

This partnership will have tremendous outcomes for our community. By working together, we can collectively contribute to achieving equity in higher education and provide life-changing opportunities that enhance the financial wellbeing of students, their families and their communities.

Scholarship Recipient

“I look forward to being able to give back to the community once I begin my professional career. I thank you for your confidence and willingness to help me achieve my goals.”

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