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This program will remove barriers and provide financial relief to pet-owners. The relationship between animals and humans offers emotional, mental, and physical benefits to people, and widespread positive pet ownership makes for stronger communities. Pets are integral parts of our families, but the inability to afford even the most basic veterinary assistance can result in an animal and human welfare crisis.


The cost of veterinary care is now beyond the reach of many people, particularly those on social security benefits, people whose life circumstances have suddenly changed, and the financially disadvantaged who live from pay cheque to pay cheque. Basic veterinary care is critical to preventing not only animal health issues, but preventing challenges that can further strain an owner’s wellbeing.


RSPCA NSW strives to keep people and pets together. Through Greater Charitable Foundation support, a number of Community Days will be held across Newcastle and the Hunter where people experiencing financial hardship can bring their beloved animal companions to see a vet and receive vaccinations, parasite prevention and food supplies if they need them.

Client, Community Healthy Pet Day

“Old people should have pets. But when it comes down to it, they can’t always afford vet fees and everything, so this is fabulous. Good for the community.”

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