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HMRI is a world-class research institute responsible for medical breakthroughs that have had local and global impact on our communities. For 25 years HMRI’s stroke researchers have been pioneering improved stroke treatments and rehabilitation protocols. Leading researchers will use emerging techniques to develop new testing and treatment protocols for patients at risk of a cardiac cause of stroke.


Almost 50,000 Australians suffer a stroke annually. Around 18% of those suffering a stroke will die, and at least half the survivors will incur some disability. More than one in four survivors will suffer a further vascular event within one year. Being able to identify the cause of an initial stroke will significantly help to reduce secondary stroke and ensure patients receive the right preventive treatment.


This new area of investigation using cardiac computed tomography (CT) will help identify patients at a high risk of developing cardiac blood clots that cause stroke. Research from this project has the potential to lead to new testing protocols and provide appropriate treatment plans for stroke prevention.

Professor Neil Spratt testimonial

“It’s amazing to see a patient come in and almost every step of their stroke journey is something we’ve done research on… You see their outcomes and people who might have previously ended up in a nursing home get to go home to live a life with their family at home.”

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