Greater Charitable Foundation funding is enabling the delivery the NEST Program in the Newcastle/Hunter region. NEST is a skill development and employment pathway program for disadvantaged young people, families, men and women seeking to improve their lives through practical skills and knowledge. 


The NEST Program provides nutrition education to vulnerable Australians, including disengaged youth, people at risk of homelessness, people on low incomes, in transitional housing and people with a mental illness.


NEST is a seven module training program that equips people in need, those facing food insecurity and charitable agency staff with valuable skills and knowledge on nutritious healthy eating choices, low cost meal planning, food shopping, healthy cooking and ways to minimise food waste. The NEST Program's comprehensive design provides a unique learning experience that generates sustainable impact and positive results.

OzHarvest Impact

The flow on and wider social impact from NEST is extensive with the practical skills gained being easily transferred to friends, family and other community members.

A Social Return on Investment (SROI) report on the NEST program in 2014 found that for every $1 invested in the NEST program there is a return to society of $1.45 in the areas of decreased public health expenditure due to better health through improved nutrition, reduced food expenditure and the reduced impact of food waste on landfill. 

NEST Participant Feedback

NEST participant feedback

"It lifted me up from down and out (sic). I was so surprised that not only was it affordable but very delicious and encouraging to attempt at home and venture out away from my normally rubbish food and drink."

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