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Mingara's Christmas Under the Stars

Sponsorship Guidelines

Greater Banks supports more than 50 organisations annually across NSW and South-East Queensland through our community engagement program.

By investing in these grassroots, community initiatives, together we generate greater community engagement, social inclusion and wellbeing, and support the arts, and other community-based events and programs.

Mingara's Christmas Under the Stars

Sponsorship Guidelines

Each sponsorship request is assessed individually, based on our sponsorship guidelines and the merits of the opportunity.

We consider sponsorships that

Align with Greater Bank’s business objectives

Support our core brand values

Promote our brand in a strong and positive way, especially in areas where we operate

Demonstrate good corporate citizenship

What we'll need from you

  • Details about your organisation and event
  • Amount of funding you are seeking (including any payment terms and GST)
  • Your target audience
  • A timeline of the event preparation and execution, including important deadlines
  • Your contact details, including the best way to get in touch with you
  • Sponsor benefits (including confirmation that we will be the only financial services company involved with the event)
  • Plans for advertising and promoting the sponsorship (including details of any media partners confirmed or being approached)
  • Banking relationship – is your organisation an existing customer of Greater Bank?
  • Is it expected that new business opportunities will arise through the sponsorship?

We don't normally consider

  • Programs that could be detrimental to public health or safety, are discriminatory or offensive to the community
  • Programs that encourage smoking, alcohol consumption, substance abuse, or are directly related to gambling or involve sexually explicit content
  • Programs that are directly aligned to political, religious or sectarian groups
  • Organisations and events outside our primary operating region, activities that duplicate our existing sponsorships or involve competitor financial institutions.
  • Programs pertaining to individuals, as our focus is on helping large community groups or organisations

Other useful information to include which will help us assess your request

  • Whether the proposal represents a long-term partnership, i.e. is the proposal for a one-off or regular event?
  • Will the proposal grant Greater Bank naming rights?
  • Corporate hospitality and entertainment opportunities.
  • Details of other sponsors involved or being approached.
  • Expected benefit to the community.
  • How you plan to measure and report sponsorship outcomes to us?
  • Will you be engaging a professional sponsorship manager to operate the sponsorship?


Please submit your proposal a minimum of four months prior to the event to allow us time to consider, approve and plan to leverage the sponsorship. We aim to respond to all proposals within four weeks of submission.

How to submit your proposal

When your proposal is finalised, send it through to us via mail, or online.

Mail to:
Sponsorship Manager
Greater Bank
PO Box 173
Hamilton NSW 2303

We ask that in the interest of both parties, you refrain from making the details of your submission for sponsorship with Greater Bank public until a decision has been finalised.