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Story Kids putting a spotlight on young Aussie voices

A podcast series presented by Greater Charitable Foundation partner, The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF), is showcasing Aussie kids and their original stories and brought to life by some of Australia’s biggest stars.

Story Kids, created by Amelia Christo and Verity Hunt-Ballard, ignites imagination, creativity and collaboration. It celebrates kids’ own voices and brings their stories to life with big name personalities, music and sound for an immersive storytelling experience. It also includes interviews with the kids and other educational content to enjoy.

Research by ALNF shows that 74% of kids start a conversation about what they learned on podcasts and are more likely to join in on activities inspired by what they hear. Additionally, 80% of kids listen to episodes more than once.
Listening to stories aloud fosters imagination, encourages visualisation and improves reading and writing comprehension. It makes a podcast a great platform for learning.

It’s why ALNF have partnered with Story Time to bring this project to life.

Story Kids is committed to using this platform to inform, educate and entertain families from all backgrounds and across all contexts, as well as fostering a modern and rich language learning experience.

Do you have a child or grandchild who has a flare for story writing?

Then ALNF would like to hear from them.
To submit a story or to find out more about the podcast series, head to

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