A greater way of banking

Reasons for choosing Greater Bank

  1. Experts in financial services

    We’ve been helping the people of NSW and South East QLD with their banking needs for over 70 years, and we’ve built a reputation for being in the know.

  2. Safety, strength and security

    With over 250,000 customers and over $5 billion in assets under management, we’re on the right track to help our customers for generations to come.

  3. Convenient access to your money

    If access to over 3,000 ATMS isn’t enough, you can do your banking whenever and wherever you wish, using our Internet and Phone Banking and Mobile Apps.

  4. Award-winning customer service

    As long as you keep loving what we do, we’ll keep doing what we love. Our friendly staff are consistently recognised for their genuine, caring service. See more on our awards here.

  5. Support for your community

    Greater Bank is able to allocate a certain percentage of its annual profits towards supporting causes and organisations that improve life outcomes in the communities we call home.

So, what is Customer Owned Banking?

A Little About Us

  • We've been around since 1945
  • We help over 250,000 customers
  • We provide access to over 3000 ATMs nationwide
  • We manage assets topping $5 billion
  • We've got over 700 friendly, helpful staff

Mutuality, Strength and Security

We are also a member the Customer Owned Banking Association and comply with the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice. This code gives our customers the confidence of knowing they are covered by an industry commitment to fair and responsible banking. For further information about the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice, go to the Customer Owned Banking Association website via the button below.

The Code Compliance Committee (CCC) was established to ensure that Mutuals subscribing to the Code of Practice meet standards of good practice. The CCC investigates complaints that the Code has been breached and monitors Mutuals’ compliance with the Code through compliance activities such as mystery shopping, surveys and compliance visits. 

Banking and financial services to help make your life greater

Our profits are reinvested into our business in order to provide better value products and services, and we foster the communities in which we operate.

Is this the sort of thinking your current bank is capable of? If not, why not see how we can make life greater for you.

Why choose Greater Bank

Over $5.5 billion in assets under management, and over 240,000 customers.
Our range of award winning products, designed to make life greater
Greater access anywhere, anytime. Online, in branch, or at over 3,500 ATMs.
Customer Owned, with no shareholders. Profits are reinvested to benefit you.
We're giving back by investing heavily in the places we call home.

Calculators & Tools

We understand that sometimes product features and benefits just don't cut it - you need to see how a product or service relates to you in real world terms.

Whether you want to know the repayments or interest on a loan, the return on your investment or you need to plot your savings journey, we've got a calculator to help.

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