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What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is part of the Consumer Data Right, a government initiative designed to give you more control of your data.

The Consumer Data Right (‘CDR’) gives you the right to share your data between accredited service providers of your choosing.

The CDR is designed to give you greater choice and control over your data, and to encourage competition and innovation between businesses.

The information you choose to share may be about you, the way you use the products we distribute, or the product itself.

You get to decide when you would like your CDR data shared, what CDR data is shared and with whom you would like your data shared.

What is Product Data?

Product Data is publicly available information about the products we provide. The information includes items such as key features, interest rates, fees and terms and conditions.

What is Consumer Data?

Consumer Data is information we hold about you and your banking products and services in a digital form. This includes:

  • consumer information, such as your name and contact details;
  • account information, such as your account number, balances, fees, etc;
  • transaction information, including dates, descriptions and amounts; and
  • Product-specific information relevant to you, including terms and conditions, interest rates and fees, product features and benefits, and negotiated product pricing.

What are the benefits of Open Banking?


Easily compare products and services.


You control how and with who you share your data.


Once live, you can access Consumer Data Sharing via Greater Bank’s existing App.

When will I be able to access Open Banking with Greater Bank?

Greater Bank’s product data is currently available in a machine-readable format. See below for more information.

Whilst sharing your personal and account data held with Greater Bank isn’t yet available, we are working hard to deliver this important functionality in 2024 for the benefit of our customers. We will continue to provide updates on our implementation progress to customers and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Our APIs have been developed in accordance with the Consumer Data Standards.

Open Banking Product APIs

Greater Bank’s Open Banking Product APIs enable third parties to retrieve information about our products that are currently on offer in the market. The APIs are designed and documented to support the Australian Consumer Data Standards and currently cover the following products:

  • Home Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Transaction Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Term Deposits
  • Credit Cards

For further details on the phased release of information for other Greater Bank products, please refer to the Consumer Data Right rules.

How do open banking product APIS work

The request must be a HTTP Get request to the relevant product API endpoint. At a minimum, the mandatory parameters defined in the specifications must be included. URLs and links to specifications are given under each API section below.

These are public APIs and do not require authentication.

The response will be in the format defined by the Consumer Data Standards.

View our Open Banking Product APIs

Retrieve a list of Greater Bank products currently on offer in the market.

To learn more about the API Specifications for Open Banking Product APIs, go to the Consumer Data Standards Australia website.

Greater Bank Get Products API URL:


View our Product Details API

Retrieve detailed information about a specific Greater Bank product on offer.

Learn more about the API Specifications for our Product Details API at the Consumer Data Standards Australia website.

Greater Bank Get Product Details API URL:{productId}

Experiencing Difficulties?

If you are experiencing any technical issues with the APIs, please email