Foreign Cash

Foreign Cash

When travelling overseas, you may choose to purchase both foreign cash and a travel card to maximise safety and convenience.

Arrive like a local and avoid the hassle of purchasing local currency at your destination. Greater Bank, in partnership with American Express, offers a wide range of over 65 foreign currencies at competitive exchange rates and in a broad range of denominations.

Cash Passport

Multi Currency Cash Passport

When you travel overseas, you have a lot to think about. Itinerary, passports, visas, accommodation – it can seem like you need a holiday just from planning your holiday. So the last thing you want to have on your mind as the landing gear leaves the runway is how you'll be able to access your money abroad.

Luckily, we've done the worrying for you. See how we can help.

International Payments

International Payments

Ever heard the phrase "Money never sleeps?"

Truer today than it ever was, the world has evolved into a truly global economy.

When you find yourself needing to send money around the globe, whether it’s to help your daughter pay her rent in London this month, or to finalise payment on your German sports car, you need it done as quickly and safely as possible.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

When you leave the comforts of home, you enter into a world of infinite possibilities. We travel to experience the best the world has to offer, and hope we aren’t unlucky enough to experience the worst.

By speaking to Greater Bank, you can protect yourself against almost any eventuality while out on the open road.

Reach your Savings Goal sooner with our Calculator

When you’re trying to save for an overseas trip, your excitement can make it seem a million years away. But don’t despair – by using our handy Savings Goal Calculator, you can punch in your regular contributions and work out exactly when you’ll have the money you’ll need!

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Our partnership with American Express

Competitive Rates
American Express has the buying power, market presence and technology to make sure you enjoy competitive rates.
Trust & Security
American Express is recognised as one of the world's most trusted leaders in foreign exchange.
Wide Range
Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a comprehensive suite of FX services.

Why Greater Bank?

We exist to serve our customers, and we’ve been helping Australians with their travel and international banking needs since way back when a trip to England took six weeks on an ocean liner.