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Author: Greater Charitable Foundation

We’re making a difference with KidsXpress

KidsXpress is a mental health charity that helps to transform the lives of children impacted by trauma and adversity.

Since June 2019, Greater Charitable Foundation (GCF) has supported the delivery of KidsXpress’ trauma-informed professional development workshops for teachers and child welfare professionals.

Hear from CEO, Margo Ward about how GCF’s support has made a difference to the lives of children and families within our communities, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.

How has COVID-19 impacted KidsXpress?

Never before have we experienced such a high demand for our therapy services, but due to lockdown restrictions, we could not provide the traditional, face-to-face model. We knew we had to quickly change how we delivered these services.

As a team we got creative and within 48 hours all staff were working from home, delivering therapy online, and distributed ‘Expression Kits’ to our current children. This enabled them to continue to express themselves safely and creatively in their own homes as they received support from their therapist.

How does GCF make a difference to KidsXpress?

The Greater Charitable Foundation has been a passionate advocate and supporter of KidsXpress and from day one, we’ve been made to feel like a member of the Foundation family. The funding partnership relates to support for the delivery of trauma-informed professional development workshops to teachers and child welfare professionals. However, COVID-19 related implications have meant that we’ve had to pivot and redirect our support towards therapy delivery to children who’ve been impacted by trauma.

What do you love most about your job?

What’s not to love? I get to work alongside the most incredible human beings. Humankind is what I love most. To be both human and kind is the love of my job!

And now for some fun, if you could pick three people to have dinner with who would they be and why?

My Mum – because I would just love to be near her one more time.
My family – They’re all in New Zealand and simply because I can’t see them right now!
The first child that came to KidsXpress – because I’d love to know what his life is like now.