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At The Greater, our customers aren’t just numbers to us – they’re people. We understand that they’re all individuals with totally different banking needs.

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Ultimate Access Account

Use this account to deposit your salary and make transaction fees a thing of the past.

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Looking for convenient, great value ways to manage your money day to day?

Check out our range of Everyday Accounts and discover the account best suited to meet your needs.

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Access Account Ultimate Access Account Retirement Plus Account
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Open an account Open online Open online Open in branch
Great if you want A simple, great value account to use every day An account for your salary and to avoid transaction fees A low-cost account to meet the needs of over 55s
Interest Frequency Calculated daily, paid bi-annually Nil Calculated daily, paid monthly
Monthly Account Keeping Fees $0 $0 $0
Transaction Fees Yes Nil if $2000 in external deposits are made in the month Yes

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Access Account

Our simplest and easiest-to-use account. Sound good?

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Access Account

An account designed to be used every day without being charged the earth.

Our Access Account offers you the flexibility to manage your money day to day while not charging account keeping-fees.

And we couldn’t call it an Access Account without ensuring you have convenient access to your money wherever you are.

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Tired of your current bank treating you like a number while charging you left and right?


Come speak to us. Our friendly service and simple, honest accounts are second to none.

How do I switch?

We don’t think managing your money should cost you more.


Open an Everyday Account with The Greater online today and see how we measure up against your current bank.

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Ultimate Access Account

Use this account to deposit your salary and make transaction fees a thing of the past.

Open an Ultimate Access Account

Ultimate Access Account

This account pulls no punches – it’s our Ultimate in Savings Accounts.

Simply by depositing at least $2,000 into your Ultimate Access Account each month (your salary, for example) you can say goodbye to transaction fees for good.

Oh, and did we mention you’ll never have to pay account keeping fees either? And that you’ll have convenient access to your money wherever you are?

Use our Calculators

At The Greater, we understand that sometimes product features and benefits just don't cut it - you need to see how a product or service relates to you in real world terms.

So we designed a helpful range of calculators to help you take our products for a test-drive.

Whether you want to know the repayments or interest on a loan, the return on your investment or you need to plot your savings journey, we've got a calculator to help.

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Retirement Plus Account

Our Retirement Plus Account lets you earn higher interest on your savings.

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Retirement Plus Account

We understand that just because you may not be working anymore, it doesn’t mean your life has slowed down.

We came up with a flexible, great value account for managing your money every day.

Our Retirement Plus Account also lets you earn higher interest on your savings.

Greater Visa Debit Card

Looking for a great way to use your money in more places? The Greater Visa Debit Card does just that. Access your money safely, securely and conveniently around the world or when shopping online. Need to book those concert tickets? Done. Planning a gap year in Europe? Too easy.

With The Greater Visa Debit Card, you stay in control of your spending by paying for purchases directly from your own account. And with the added bonus of being able to use Visa PayWave to tap and go for purchases around the world thanks to the VISA network, this could be the only card you need.

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