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Port Stephens

This planting project has enhanced the unique natural ambience and bushland areas within the Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary. Increased planting at the Sanctuary encourages the proper conservation and management of areas of natural vegetation that provide habitat for koalas. Greater Bank have donated 5,000 trees!

Port Stephens Project Status: COMPLETED

The Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary sits on approximately 9ha. The site benefits from natural coastal bushland throughout and wetlands that border the site to the north. It forms part of a recognised and mapped koala corridor and the habitat across the site attracts a wide range of native animals.

The koalas in Port Stephens will suffer under the threats that they face unless significant action is taken on a number of fronts. The Port Stephens koalas are integral to the Hunter region, and if numbers fall below a sustainable population then it is possible that they may be lost from the Hunter region. This planting project will provide resources for habitat protection and enhancement actions under the Port Stephens Council Integrated Koala Management Strategy.

Planting dates: 21 September 2020

The Planting Day!

Native vegetation is crucial for biodiversity

This planting is important as native vegetation is crucial for the health of New South Wales’ environment, supporting the amazing biodiversity that is central to Australia’s cultural identity. The advantages of native vegetation:

  • - controls erosion through protecting soils and riverbanks
  • - reduces land degradation and salinity
  • - improves water quality and availability
  • - provides habitat for a wealth of unique biodiversity including threatened species.

In addition, native vegetation in NSW stores a significant amount of carbon, mitigating the effects of climate change.

Native plants used for planting:

  • - Grevillea
  • - Callistemon
  • - Lomandra
  • - Frangipani
  • - Ferns
  • - Perennial natives (flowering)

Show me the trees!

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The impact of 75,000 trees

Making a difference to our customers, our staff and the community is what drives us. This project will not only help our regions grow greater but will help make a difference for future generations.

Growing greater together

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