Great If:

You want to be rewarded for your good saving habits.

You want to earn higher interest on your savings.

You want a statement-only savings account

Key Features

Earn a high interest rate, with interest calculated daily, paid monthly

No monthly account-keeping fees

No transaction fees

Free Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking

Statement-only account (Online Statements available)

SMS and Email Alerts to keep track of your money

Apply for Bonus Saver It’s just that simple! Open an Account

I want to

  • Buy a car

    You’ll own many cars in your lifetime – from your first bomb, to your family SUV, to your piece of retirement indulgence. Whatever you’ve set your sights on, Greater Bank can get behind the wheel sooner.

  • Bank smarter and avoid fees

    Bank fees are right up there with stubbed toes and frostbite as most people’s least favourite things. Luckily, you can minimise their effect and keep more money in your pocket.

Savings Goal Calculator

Project how much you can accumulate over time from an initial contribution and regular ongoing deposits

Let's Begin

Budget Calculator

Get a better idea of your monthly incomings and outgoings, and what you're left to play with

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Investment Interest Calculator

Project how much you can accumulate over a fixed term and interest rate

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Open a Bonus Saver

Looking to open a Bonus Saver Account with Greater Bank? It's simple and can be done via your method of choice.

  • 1

    Open online

    Use our quick and easy form – become a customer in mere minutes!

  • 2

    Open in branch

    Visit your nearest branch where one of our friendly staff will guide you through the account-opening process. 

  • 3

    Open in Internet Banking

    If you're an existing Greater Bank customer, you can open a Bonus Saver account through Internet Banking.

Interest Rates

Rates are effective as at Thursday 30/03/2017

Bonus Saver Account* Interest Rate
Bonus Saver Account 2.20 % p.a.

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Reach your Savings Goal sooner using our Calculator

When you’re saving hard for something, it can sometimes seem like you’re treading water and not getting anywhere.
Don’t lose your savings momentum – by using our handy Savings Goal Calculator, you can figure out exactly when you’ll reach your target amount. Once you know this, the light at the end of the tunnel will get bigger with every savings deposit you make.

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