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Bilambil Creek

Bilambil Creek

The project is for a one-hectare planting at the Bilambil Landcare site in Northern NSW. The site has very reliable water supply and adequate irrigation equipment to water the new trees – essential in these times of erratic rainfall. Greater Bank are donating 2,000 trees!

Bilambil Creek

Project Status: PLANNED

Bilambil Creek Planting Plan

Bilambil Landcare has been looking to extend its restoration area to increase the value and connectivity for native wildlife and birds. Since 2004, the group has planted 27,000 trees along and adjacent to Bilambil Creek.

This has been achieved through the efforts of volunteers (average of 1,000 hours per year), the support of Tweed Shire Council and occasional grants including a NSW Environmental Trust grant.

Planting dates: April 2021.

Creating a better wildlife habitat

Over the last 15 years, the site has been transformed from a cleared area into valuable forest habitat by regular weeding and planned plantings.

In recognition of this effort, Bilambil Landcare received a Special Recognition award in the Habitat and Wildlife in Tweed Shire Council 2019 Sustainability Awards.

The planting of the additional trees would make the present plantings so much more valuable.

Bilambil Landcare approached the owner of the adjoining 50-hectare private property, who has enthusiastically agreed to support the planting. As the property has cattle, the area needs to be fenced before volunteers can start planting.

A larger area creates a far better long term habitat for wildlife and would connect with a large area of forest to the west. This means wildlife could move between two separate areas of forest.

Our Planting Partner - Tweed Landcare

Tweed Landcare

Tweed Landcare supports people caring for the environment and natural resources of the Tweed. They provide information, training, project coordination, advocacy and representation for their members, locality groups, landholders and community.