Author: Adam Smith |

Top tips for succeeding at a real estate auction

While buyers across the country seem to currently have the upper hand, you'll still need to keep your wits about you to succeed at a property auction. By keeping a few tips in mind from our friends at, you'll increase your chances of success and of walking away with a great deal.

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Author: Mitch Balderston

Understanding underinsurance

It may sound very grown up, but the risks of underinsuring especially if you’re under 30, are very real. Life happens – check out our top tips on ...

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Author: Bessie Hassan |

Money mistakes to avoid when travelling

What better way to have new experiences than to put yourself out of your comfort zone and head overseas? Coming out of the expensive Christmas and ...

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Author: Allianz

How to prepare for bushfire season

As summer heats up, we're reminded of the unpredictability of bushfire season. Whether you've got a home among the gum-trees, or you're considering a ...

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Author: Kristy Wright

Summer renovation ideas that sizzle

Thinking of making some top home additions this summer? Whether you’re thinking solar panels, ducted air or a new swimming pool, beat the heat and ...

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