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Great If:

You want to replace essential equipment.

You want to expand your equipment base.

You need a fast, flexible way to access funds for equipment.

Key Features:

Streamlined Application Process – In some cases you don’t even need to provide financials.
Flexible repayments – Allowing you to tailor repayments to suit your cash flow. This is particularly suitable for businesses with seasonal cash flow.
Flexible terms – Finance terms are available from as little as 12 months up to 5 years. Allowing you to tailor you finance term to fit in with when you traditionally replace or upgrade your assets.
Generally additional security is not required – meaning that the asset being financed is used as security for your loan and you don’t tie up your property as security.
Conserve cash – Use your working capital and existing lines of credit for more strategic business activities rather than purchasing the equipment with cash.
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Your Equipment Finance Options

When you're looking to obtain equipment finance, it can be good to see your options laid out for you in plain english.

So that's what we've done. Check out the range of equipment finance options offerred by Centrepoint below

Equipment Finance

Whatever type of equipment you're looking to finance, make sure you speak with us.

From standard equipment right through to specialised equipment we're able to offer you a wide range of options.

Just how can Centrepoint help?

  • Understanding your requirements
  • Determining the financier that suits you best
  • Access to a wide range of products and options
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Providing a complete service from quoting through to settlement
Finance arranged through Centrepoint Finance. Centrepoint Finance is a registered trademark of Centrepoint Finance Pty Ltd ABN 32 010 650 129. All applications are subject to credit approval. Greater Bank ABN 88 087 651 956 provides referrals for commercial finance to Centrepoint Finance Pty Ltd ABN 32 010 650, 129 in return we receive remuneration.  Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to all loans. Tax Treatment including the Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) can be a complex area and depends on your individual situation; we recommend that before making any decisions you seek independent advice from your tax adviser. ** Accounting treatment may change over time; we recommend that you seek independent advice from your accountant.