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Using techology to grow a business

Use technology to grow my business

By keeping your small business in the stone-age, you could be setting your own limitations, and frustrating your customers and peers. See how wising up on technology can help your business grow.

Using techology to grow a business

Stay connected

Whether big or small, it’s hard to imagine a business being able to run these days without adequate communications set-up. Smartphones have raised the bar in terms of communicating if you’re a business owner or employee, with access to internet, email, and other forms of software specific to your field. Combine this with networking apps available for you to get and stay in touch with other businesses and associates, and it becomes a no-brainer.

You owe it to yourself to speak to your chosen Telco or tech supply retailer to see what sort of deal you can arrange. Chances are they’ll have a package to suit every budget, so there’s really no excuse any more!

Sell yourself!

Your foray into digital marketing will depend on your comfort level. If you consider yourself quick at learning new things, there are a range of simple, self-guided online tools available to set up a new website, advertise on search engines like Google, social networks like Facebook, or even to start sending out email newsletters.

If, however, you feel like you’d rather employ the services of an expert, a quick search online will deliver you multiple digital agencies within your area who can help out with promoting your business online. These agencies want your business, so be sure to meet with one or more, discuss your needs and goals in full, and try to find a package and price range that you’re comfortable with.

The future of payments

Since the turn of the century, payments technology has improved out of sight, and it only keeps getting better.

Once a new payment product hits the market, your customers will very quickly expect it as the norm, and may be frustrated when it’s not available.

Whether it’s mobile wallet payments, contactless cards, or being able to do all your business banking on the go via online banking, Greater Bank has you covered.

Speak to one of our business banking experts about merchant facilities, batch payments and so much more.

Improving productivity

A range of solutions now exist to help you maintain accountability among your workforce and effectively save time and money. Project planning and tracking software lets you assign specific duties to various departments within your business, while ensuring that projects stay on track. The initial outlay for purchasing one of these software licences, combined with training your staff will soon be outweighed by the improvements in efficiency you’ll notice.

Know your customer

Dealing with your customers no longer just means face to face or over the phone. The advent of social media and online chat mean your ability to communicate directly with your customers is effectively limitless. With changing customer behaviours, more and more time-poor consumers prefer to reach out to a business online, so taking steps to meet the market may be worth your while.

Find out which social networks your customers use most, and set up and account for your business, and update your company website with the ability to host online chats. Some important things to remember when moving into online customer service:

1. Establish time-frames

Let your community know early on what your hours of contact online are, and avoid negative feedback out of hours

2. Consistency is key

Be sure to maintain the same tone of voice and quality of service you would deliver offline

3. Right has might

Be timely and accurate with your online responses – there is power in giving the right answer the first time!