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Time capsule to provide a snapshot of life at Greater Bank today

What will Greater Bank look like in 50 years and how will it compare to the business it is today? 

Employees in 2072 will have a chance to reflect on today’s operations when they open a time capsule that was recently buried in Greater Bank’s refurbished ground floor atrium at its Hamilton headquarters. 

Greater Bank Chairman, Wayne Russell, did the honours and placed the time capsule in the ground as part of an event held in May to officially open the redeveloped space. 

Mr Russell said the time capsule included a range of items that not only provided a current snapshot of life at Greater Bank, but also Newcastle. 

“They are changing times at Greater Bank as we near the end of our digital transformation project and also plan to enter into a merger with Newcastle Permanent, so it will be intriguing for employees in 50 years to look back at the organisation and society we are today,” Mr Russell said. 

“Imagine explaining to someone in 1972 that in 50 years they wouldn’t need cash to make a purchase and their lives would be managed by a phone you carry around in your pocket? It would have been incomprehensible in a time even before ATMs and EFTPOS terminals. 

“Given the rapid advancements in technology that shapes so many elements of our lives, it’s difficult to even envisage what the world will look like in 2072. No doubt the employees of the day who unearth this capsule will look at the contents with some level of amusement as to how we operate and manage our lives today.” 

The time capsule buried by Greater Bank includes current Australian currency, Greater Bank debit cards and withdrawal slips, a picture of the current Board and Exec Team, documents relating to the proposed merger with Newcastle Permanent, as well as other documents that provide a snapshot of what Greater Bank looks like today. 

Additionally, a copy of the Newcastle Herald from the day of the burial was included, as well as a Rapid Antigen Test. 

Greater Bank’s ground floor redevelopment includes a new-look Hamilton branch, as well as a modern and inspiring community space that preserves the historic link to the original heritage building. Central to this is the opening of new café operated by the Blue Door Group. Customers and community members are invited to come and view the space at 103 Tudor Street, Hamilton during office hours Monday – Friday.  

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