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Meet Nerissa

As a program Ambassador, Nerrissa will be visiting high schools in the coming months to use her real-life banking experience to deliver practical and relevant content around money management, savings strategies and how to make informed financial decisions. Nerissa explains why she got involved and what she’s enjoying most about being part of the program.
What prompted you to become a Financial Academy Ambassador?

As a mum to three teenagers, I can very much relate to the importance of young people having a sound knowledge of financial matters, particularly when they are at the stage of finishing school and heading out into the working world.

What have you enjoyed most about delivering the program?

As luck would have it, the first lesson I delivered happened to be to the high school I attended many moons ago! This was terribly exciting for me. Using my local knowledge I was able to quickly develop a rapport with the students based on our common ground. As the session continued I enjoyed the questions that the students presented, displaying that they were a) listening to what I was presenting, and b) processing the information themselves. I smiled all day after my first lesson. 

Why is financial literacy important to you?

Information is power! The better educated we are in any field, the easier it is to make the right choices. This is so important when it comes to managing our finances. We all work hard to earn our money and like to see the benefits of this hard work through correct management.

What was your financial literacy ‘ah-ha’ moment?

Being involved in banking for over 25 years, I have seen many customers in situations that could have been avoided just by having some financial knowledge under their belts. This is seen particularly so when people are applying for loans. Knowing the important factors that lenders take into consideration such as regular savings and your credit history, and how these factors can affect the outcome of what you are trying to achieve is so important.

Want to get involved?

Want one of the Finance Academy Ambassadors to visit your teenager's high school for FREE to develop their financial literacy skills? Here's how you can encourage your school to get involved in the Greater Bank Finance Academy:

Express your interest

Content is Supplied

  • The University of Newcastle will supply all lesson content to the teacher. This includes 4 core lessons, plus up to 3 electives chosen at school's discretion
  • Teachers deliver lessons 1 and 3, plus any electives chosen

UoN and Greater Bank visit your school

  • University of Newcastle and Greater Bank Ambassadors present lessons 2 and 4
  • Ambassadors challenge students to think differently and provide real world examples of financial literacy in action!

Financial literacy program

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Clontarf Foundation’s Newcastle High Academy program is working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to ensure they are equipped with key educational and life skills.

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