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At Greater Bank, we understand the empowerment of life changing impact of major and minor financial decisions – we see it in action every day.

It’s always been our view that with the right support and knowledge, our customers and people can achieve anything they set their sights on.

This is why, when we were approached to begin a partnership with The University of Newcastle, with a focus on improving the financial literacy of people in the communities we call home, we jumped at the chance.

A few years on, our Greater Bank Finance Academy is helping kids lay the foundation for solid financial knowledge in schools all over NSW.

Thanks to research published by The University of Newcastle Business School, in the report Financial Wellbeing and General Life Satisfaction in Australia, we’re starting to understand just how big the little seeds we’re planting may grow.

Explore the report's findings with us, and help us spread the word on the importance of Financial Literacy.

Media Release

Check out the full information on the report, Financial Wellbeing and General Life Satisfaction in Australia.

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Financial Wellbeing and General Life Satisfaction in Australia

Download the full report now to explore the University of Newcastle Business School research findings.

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Our partnership with the University of Newcastle

Greater Bank Finance Academy

The Greater Bank Finance Academy is a financial literacy outreach program delivered to high school students across the Hunter, Central Coast, the Central West and Northern regions of NSW.

With course content created in partnership with University of Newcastle (theory) and Greater Bank (practical) the course is delivered by University of Newcastle student ambassadors and Greater Bank staff. The Finance Academy will be integrated into various subjects across year 9 and 10 curriculum.

Overall the program will provide the latest information on how community attitudes and people's relationships to money are changing and share information on financial topics that people of all ages need to consider when managing their money, including simple strategies on saving, reducing debt and how to avoid being scammed.

This idea of collaboration and community support is the underlying premise of what makes the partnership with the University so important for our business.

We have joined forces with a like-minded educational institution to provide members of the community, especially our next generation, with access to information that will help provide clarity and understanding around the intricacies of finance.

Get involved

Interested in taking part in the Greater Bank Finance Academy? Simply get in touch with the Finance Academy team at the University and they will provide you with more information on how you can get involved.

Express your interest for your school as part of the Greater Bank Finance Academy

Junior Finance Academy

Raising kids to be smart about money is an essential life skill.

So, as part of our partnership with the University of Newcastle, we've developed an online financial literacy program for primary school aged students in Years 3 - 6.

Using the program, parents can help children develop good financial habits by teaching them to how to budget, spend wisely and set saving goals.

Consisting of four video lessons and accompanying workbooks, the program covers topics such as understanding money, money maths, earning money and saving money. Content can be paced according to the child’s ability.

Once your child has worked their way through it, they will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Access the online program right here.

Greater Bank Finance Sessions

Knowing about money is not just for those that work in the industry, it is a topic that underpins our livelihood and as such we stand-by our commitment to educate our customers and our community on being “financially savvy”.

Our partnership with the University will see us host adult financial literacy sessions where members of the community will be able to access FREE educational material in a variety of mediums and platforms aimed at improving financial wellbeing. These sessions will focus on topics that people of all ages need to consider when managing their money, including simple strategies on saving, reducing debt and how to avoid being scammed. Specially identified ‘at-risk’ groups in our community will also be targeted and offered personalised sessions tailored to the group’s individual needs.

This program will be available to the public shortly.

Greater Bank Finance Lab

Our partnership with the University of Newcastle has seen the establishment of the Greater Bank Finance Lab - University Trading Room.

Located in the University’s city campus, NUspace, it is a dedicated teaching space equipped with 20 computers that facilitates a hands-on, interactive environment to promote learning in effective decision-making, economic systems, monetary markets and financial literacy.

The lab enables Newcastle Business School students to build their skills in financial decision-making, risk management and economic systems, before they graduate.

Financial literacy program

By Greater Bank

Clontarf Foundation’s Newcastle High Academy program is working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to ensure they are equipped with key educational and life skills.

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This project has been funded by Greater Bank, a division of Newcastle Greater Mutual Group Ltd ABN 96 087 651 992. AFSL/Australian credit licence no. 238273..

This is a peer-reviewed publication which is published as an online report and available at no cost. Published by the University of Newcastle. ISBN:978-0-6454495-0-1