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How do I pay?

How do I pay?

You can pay your credit card via Online Banking or Phone Banking, setting up a scheduled payment, via BPay® or in person via any of our branches. Remember, payments like BPAY® and transfers from non-Greater Bank accounts may take a few days to process.

If you pay your statement balance in full each month, you must do so by the statement due date to continue to be eligible for your interest free period.

If you don’t pay your statement balance in full, you need to pay at least your minimum payment by the due date. It’s important that you do so to avoid any late payment fees. Your statement will show you what this amount is, as well as how long it will take to pay your credit card off by only paying the minimum payment.

To make the most of your credit card it’s advisable to pay more than the minimum payment each month or over time you will incur further interest and it will take you longer to pay off this debt.