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Current Scam Alert: Service Provider Cold Call Scam

Current Scam Alert: Service Provider Cold Call Scam

Service Provider Cold Call Scam Alert

Greater Bank wishes to advise customers of a current scam targeting elder customers of financial institutions. 

What to look out for

An initial call from foreign callers stating they are from Telstra, Microsoft, Apple or the NBN. The caller will explain that they need access to the customer's computer and that they are there to assist. Scammers will threaten that if you do not work with them they will disable your internet access.

The scammers then ask customers to allow them computer access, asking the customer to log into internet banking. Once in the internet banking screens, scammers transfer funds between accounts held by the customer then onto other accounts set up to launder the money. To get these transfers through, scammers ask for the One Time Password from the customer, bypassing this security function.

Another way scammers attempt to get funds from customers is to ask for their VISA card details or have customers purchase Apple I Tunes gift cards to pay for fictitious services and accounts.

What to do

Greater Bank customers should never allow remote access from cold-callers and never give out their one time password, card details and personal information.

Never purchase gift cards and relay the codes from the cards to unknown persons.

If customers devices are suspected of being compromised they need to shut them down immediately and contact Greater Bank Fraud staff through the Contact Centre on 13 13 86. The computer then needs to be professionally inspected and scanned for viruses and cleaned. Internet Banking should be disabled until the computer has been inspected.

If this occurs after hours then contact staff on for assistance.