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Budget friendly Valentine's Day ideas

Valentine's day blog imageIt’s February, and already we can see the massive Valentine’s Day machine churning into gear. You can’t stop at a major supermarket or back-road service station without being bombarded with sickly cards and dust-filled stuffed bears designed to help you show your love for your sweetheart.

Look, Valentine’s Day isn’t perfect, but it can be an amazing opportunity to stop for a second and take the time to show your special someone just how much they mean to you in an otherwise busy and hectic world. When it comes to presents or gift ideas though, there’s no need to just go with the same old, ‘seen it a thousand times’ ideas. Here are some we recommend for if you’re looking to score maximum brownie-points, with minimal unnecessary cost and clutter post Feb-14th.

A No-Tech Day

Our devices are quickly becoming an extension of ourselves, and it’s having an effect on the way we interact with loved ones. A recent study found that 75% of women believe that smartphone usage is ruining their relationship with their partner. So, when was the last time you gave up all tech for a day? Hard to remember, right?

Do it for them this Valentine’s Day, and use the time you would normally spend scrolling through Instagram to connect with and talk to your partner. Heck, open a bottle of wine. You might be surprised how much you enjoy talking face to face with a human again! :)

The gift of time

If the idea of a tech-free day appeals to you, why not go one step further? Our work culture drives us to commit to longer hours than ever, often unpaid – it’s a hectic time to be in the workforce in this country. Add kids, family and other commitments into the mix and it’s not surprising our relationships often get the short straw when it comes to attention.

Show your partner you don’t take them for granted by giving them one of 2018’s most precious commodities – time. Take the day off work together and do whatever you like. Sleep in til noon, or stroll along the beach. It’s your diem – carpe the hell out of it.

A stress-free day

This one will resonate with the parents more-so than any other, but it works for everyone. Imagine waking up one day and having someone complete all the tasks you find a bit of a chore. Every little thing was taken care of, allowing you to have a relaxing day to decompress. Sounds nice, huh?

It’s a really easy thing to do for your partner, but it could absolutely mean the world. Simply take note of all the chores you’ll cover for the day, and just set about doing them, no questions asked. Trust us – it won’t go un-noticed.

A Joint Account

If you’re in an exclusive relationship and you’re looking to show a level of commitment to your partner, this could be a great one to suggest. Talk to your partner about why you would want to open a joint savings account – a savings goal is always a great idea –your new account could be for your housing deposit, a new car, or a holiday for the two of you. (If you’re nervous, we can help – here are 4 easy steps to start talking finance with your partner).

Opening one is easy and can be done online in minutes, allowing you two to commence dreaming about your common goal and your future together. (So many feelz!)

An experience -not stuff

This one is more pertinent now than ever. If you still feel the need to splash some cash on your partner without breaking the budget, an increasingly popular way to do so is by getting them an experience, instead of just stuff.

  • An experience is something you can share, and if done right, will strengthen your relationship
  • An experience won’t gather dust, and you won’t have to feel guilt by eventually throwing it out
  • An experience won’t end up in landfill – go you greenie, you!

Head online and look for options that won’t break the bank, and satisfy both the romantic and the minimalist in you this Valentine’s Day.

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